What you get with the Winter Performance Package:


Provide increased traction, confidence, and control in winter conditions. Plus, some insurance companies offer up to a 5% discount for customers with four winter tires installed on their vehicles.


That will immediately alert your dash when there is a significant drop in pressure and your tire needs air. For every 5 degree Celsius that the temperature drops your tire pressure also drops.


Protect the integrity and finish of your original rims and help extend the life of your winter and non-winter tires by minimizing the potential damage caused by remounting. You will also save on installation costs during tire changeover.

Winter tires are not just for snow. When the temperature dips below 7 degree Celsius the rubber compounds in winter tires better retain their elasticity than all-season tires, helping improve stopping distances.

Our experts will work with you to create the best Winter Performance Package solution to suit your driving habits and your environment. Best of all, winter tires will save you from buying replacement tires for up to twice as long.

With a Winter Performance Package you will prolong the life of both your all-season and winter sets, ensuring you use them only in the conditions for which they were designed.

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