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What is Platinum Security Protection?

1. Identification Code

A non-removable, police traceable identification code is permanently etched on all the major glass of your vehicle or imprinted onto selected body panels of your vehicle.

The identification code is registered into a national database that is cross-referenced to the manufacturer's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the selling dealership, and the vehicle's owner.

2. Warning Decal

Visible warning decals on the driver and front passenger windows identify the vehicle as being registered with a national theft prevention company. These decals warn thieves that the vehicle's key components are marked.

3. Theft Recovery

Platinum Security Protection also aids in recovering stolen vehicles and assists you with related expenses. 

Why do thieves avoid vehicles with the Platinum Security Protection system?

Thieves recognize your vehicle is traceable, which deters them from stealing it.
The identification code makes the vehicle harder to sell and parts less profitable to chop-shops.
It costs thousand of dollars to replace all etched windows or labeled body panels.
A professional thief will pass on a marked vehicle to steal an unmarked one.

Why is Glass Etch or Body Panel Labeling better than other theft protection systems?

No monitoring fee.
It cannot be disarmed, disabled or disconnected.
The identifcation code is permanent.
It creates a direct link system between the vehicle, the dealership and the vehicle's owner.
Other systems help to prevent theft or assist in theft recovery. Platinum Security Protection does both.

Monitary Benefits

Platinum Security Protextion deters vehicle theft with a permanent identification tracking number & warning stickers.  If this fails to prevent theft, and vehicle is not recovered or deemed a total loss, then the registered owner will:

  • receive a $5,000 credit at the dealership to put towards a new vehicle.  Can also be used towards parts & services.
  • be reimbursed up to $1,000 for actual expenses (ie. Rental car, accommodations) if vehicle stolen was more than 150 km’s from your permanent address.

If the stolen vehicle is recovered, the owner will:

  • be reimbursed up to $1,000 to cover the cost the vehicle comprehensive insurance deductible paid for repair of damages.
  • be reimbursed up to $1,000 to cover the home insurance deductible if a claim is made towards stolen property from recovered vehicle.


Platinum Tire and Rim Protection covers damage caused by road hazards including:

Damaged tire repair
Damaged rim repair
Damaged tire or rim replacement if repairs cannot be done
All related taxes and levies

No deductibles
Covers original or replacement tires
Coverage is not pro-rated and is totally transferable
Includes tire change or towing assistance


What are the effects of using pure nitrogen to inflate tires?

  • Nitrogen is a gas and is still affected by changes in ambient temperature (about one psi for every 10° Fahrenheit). Nitrogen filled tires will require pressure be added during the fall/winter months as ambient temperatures and tire pressures drop. Nitrogen is good but can't change the laws of physics.
  • Nitrogen reduces the loss of tire pressure due to permeation through rubber over time by about 1/3. This helps maintain the vehicle's required tire pressures a little longer, but doesn't eliminate the need for monthly tire pressure checks. This is good for people who don't maintain their vehicles well.
  • Nitrogen is a dry gas and will not support moisture that could contribute to corrosion of the tire's steel components (bead, sidewall reinforcement and belts) due to the absence of moisture over extended periods of time. However it's important to remember that atmospheric pressure is constantly pushing oxygen and moisture into the rubber from the outside of the tire. This is especially good for low mileage drivers who don't wear out their tires quickly or those that run average annual mileages but use long wearing radial (60K and 80K warranted) tires.
  • Nitrogen assures more consistent pressure increases due to increases in operating temperatures in a racing environment because of the absence of moisture. This is especially good for participants in track days, high-performance drivers education schools and road racing.
  • Drivers should use standard air if pressure adjustments are required when a local source of nitrogen can't be found during a trip. While this reduces the benefit of higher nitrogen content, it is far better than running the tires underinflated in search of a source. 


Buying a car is a major purchase, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.  That's why we run a Car Proof History report on all our used vehicles and provide the details to you so you can make a good purchase decision.

A vehicle history report gives you relevant and important information to help you make an informed used car purchase. Past damage from accidents can impact a vehicle’s value, and a lien registered against the vehicle you’ve purchased could leave you stuck with someone else’s debt.

CARPROOF provides the most comprehensive and reliable vehicle history reports in Canada, giving you peace of mind when you purchase a car. Never buy a used car without a CARPROOF report.

Some vehicles have had multiple owners, which makes it difficult for car dealers to notify current owners of safety recalls on their vehicles. CARPROOF will let you know if the car you’re considering has an unfixed safety recall, so you can be confident you’ll be safe behind the wheel.

If the person you’re buying a car from owes money on the car and doesn’t tell you, you could end up responsible for the remainder of the debt.

CARPROOF Verified reports include a Canadian lien search* that will tell you if we find liens registered against the vehicle in certain provinces and/or territories in Canada. Don’t get your new used car taken away by creditors. Be certain the car has been paid for before you buy.

One of the greatest factors that can affect the value of an automobile is past damage history. A CARPROOF report tells you if the vehicle has been in an accident, and the extent of the damage.

From fender benders to heavy damage, a CARPROOF report can tell you everything that has happened to your vehicle.

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